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Sunday, September 1, 2013

It Really Is Good!

I spent hours yesterday editing Eyes That Bind, the second book in my Eyes of the Witch series. Will spend more time today. What's funny is that I've been worried that people won't like this, that it won't be read by many people. But that really doesn't matter because I'm reading it as I edit, and I like it. There are lots of places where I had to slow myself down because I was reading too fast to catch any errors. So it's good! I'm diggin it, and I hope you will too. It'll be available in October (that's the plan anyway) so check it out on my author page in Amazon:

I'm also working on finding someone to do my cover art for the whole series. In Your Eyes is going to get a makeover, so those of you who buy it before the new covers come out will have a collectors edition (LOL).

Sorry but this is so much fun! Writing and editing is work, but it's fun work. And I'm working hard these days to get back in the groove of things. To those of you in the writing profession, I tip my hat.

Namaste, everybody!


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