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Sunday, December 2, 2012

NaNo is over...

So I made it through NaNoWriMo yet again as a winner! Woot Woot! I wrote over 54K words, and I finished with time to spare. I'm excited about this new book, it was a great challenge to write and I feel good about how it ends. Endings are the hardest part to me of writing a book. But I did it. Whew!

I've been outside burning leaves. Boy, do we have a lot of really big trees in our yard! The burning is kind of satisfying though, so it wasn't all hard work. I do think I might have melted my running shoe a little bit because I stomped out a fire that was coming up the bank of the ditch. Oh, well!

Getting geared up for Xmas! We got our tree yesterday (thank you, Mel!) which was the earliest we've ever gotten a tree. I think Mel knew that I was down in the dumps and wanted to cheer me up. The tree looks great today and I think we'll be decorating later this afternoon. Hanukah presents from Aunt Geneva are by the tree already, but no Xmas presents. We'll see if we get anything from Santa this year. I haven't been especially good...

I did get a FitBit as an early Xmas present, and it's great. It's basically a pedometer on steroids, showing you how active you've been, how many steps, how many flights of stairs you've walked up, etc. I like it a lot, it is encouraging me to go for walks, which my body is in desperate need of.

Well, that's all for now. Trying to get done with Book 2, Eyes That Bind, of the Eyes of the Witch series. Almost done, and Book 3 will follow shortly after. It'll be called Eyes of the Witch. Catchy, huh? Off to the races!