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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing, writing!

Well! Had to get up early (and hungry) and go get some labs done. Finally, all finished with the doctor stuff. Going to be looking for a new shrink because mine is going into research for a while. Dammit! Anyway, things are looking good as my partner is on vacation all this week and Monday, too. Yea!

I'm writing away on BOOK 3 of my Eyes of the Witch series. I hope everyone has enjoyed (or will enjoy) the first book, In Your Eyes. The second book will be out within the month of Sept I'm hoping. Editing is a bitch! But it'll get done, and then there will be a whole new novel out there for you to read about Cass and Renna. They're having adventures and trials like never before, and it's great.

Third book is a bit more of a challenge. Coming up with new adventures that don't just sound like the same old stuff. But it'll be GREAT. I've got some excellent ideas, if I do say so myself, and it's coming along nicely. Still just one chapter down, but with this time off I'll get lots done in the next week.

If you're reading this, please leave me some comments. I'm going to give away a signed copy (or e-copy of you'd prefer) to a random commenter so post your comments now! Book giveaway will happen when I've got at least 10 different folks to choose from, so make your mark and win a free book!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hope Returns! New Book!

So I'm back at the keyboard and hope has returned! Well, at least a little bit. I'm writing like crazy and have finally finished book two of my IN YOUR EYES series. The first book is available as noted on the left of this page. Book two is yet unnamed, but I think it'll be EYES THAT BIND. I'm having some trouble writing a synopsis for this second book, so I'm taking a little break from it. Anyone out there who is a writer (or wants to be) and has suggestions as to how to write a synopsis, please comment! I'll work on my synopsis here to keep ya'll in the loop, to be sure.

In the mean time, I've been playing Skyrim and Sims3, cuddling my new kitten, and being taken care of by my dear partner, Mel. She's something else. She can read a book in one day, does math to make her sleepy at night, and puts up with my bullsh!t every day.

I'm still smoking, and guess I will be for a while. Every time I try to quit I realize that it is something that I'm just not ready to do. It's SO HARD. And right now I'm going through some depression that does not help matters. I'm not working out, but I am writing, so that's something. It may lead to more healthy habits returning to my life. Let's all hope so.

Take care and write comments if you would. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


So my problem is now that I have no hope. I just realized that's what's been wrong these past few months. No job, and no pretensions for getting one. I've gained a lot of weight which I'm slowly getting used to since I can't seem to get myself to exercise. I have a lot of headaches and I'm smoking a lot which is not where I want to be. I can't sit still long enough to read or watch movies or TV.

Recently (within the past few days) I started working on my second book again. Trying to rewrite the ending because I wasn't happy with the old one. But I've got tendinitis in my right elbow so I can only write about two pages at a time. At least I'm writing.

I'd like to work on my sculpture since I seemed to have a knack for that, but again, the elbow.

Anyone else lost hope and actually found it again? I feel so lost and alone, and this blog is the only way I can work it out. Because I can't afford a therapist, lol. It all looks down from here.