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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wow, this is cool!

I just got through with editing my first 12 chapters -- they are part 1 of my book. I decided to take a story I wrote a while ago and write it into part 2 my book. And guess what?! I'd forgotten what I'd written. I'm being taken on a journey that I wrote myself because I don't really remember much of what I'd written. It's quite amazing really that I wrote this part of a story and it's just clicking! Woot! Woot! Yep, I'm tooting my own horn (or no one else will).

I'm also working with a woman I met on (a quitting smoking site) about marketing and getting word out there about my books. It's really great to find someone interested in becoming involved with me on my journey. I really appreciate all of your suggestions and thougts, LeeLee!

Okay, back to the book. Just wanted to say "hey" to all my readers.  More later.


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