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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Waking up

All right. I promise to try to stop repeating what I'm saying in my posts. I went back and read through them, and yep, I know what things are most on my mind.

I'm working on my "final" edit of Eyes That Bind, book two in my Eyes Of The Witch series. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting going. I did chapter 1 in one sitting, but the rest is stuck. Mainly because I'm trying to convert my file from a .rtf Word document to a Scrivener document, but it's so complicated and confusing that I don't know how to do it. I could move it into StoryMill, but I'll probably have the same problems there.  If anyone reading this knows how to use Scrivener or StoryMill, please leave me a comment so I can get in touch with you.

If you haven't read Eyes of the Witch, it's still available in several places -- both in paperback and e-book format. There are links right there to the right of this post.==>

Back to the grind for now. Thanks for reading! I'll post again soon!


Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Motivated

Writing is about the hardest thing I could do right now. It's so hard to concentrate -- I know, ask your doc for pills. But no, really, I have enough pills. I'm managing to get through about one chapter a day in my final editing process of this my second novel written during NANOWRIMO.

Don't know NANOWRIMO? It's November 1-30, National Novel Writers Month. There's a website where you can join in with thousands of other writers to challenge yourself to write at least 50,000 words in that one month. I've done it three times and I love it. You have to write every day or you'll fall behind, and I'm up for that kind of a challenge. Last year I challenged myself to write twice as many words each day than are required to finish on time, and I was at least a week early in completing my 50K words. I can't wait for this year. I'm considering erotica, but I don't know if that would work for me. I've created this world in IN YOUR EYES and I don't know if I'm ready to let that go yet. So far there are 4 books in that series, but only the first one (mentioned above) is published. Hope to publish book two, EYES THAT BIND, in the next few months so I can put my full attention on NANOWRIMO once again.  Check it out if you write at all:

Okay, back to editing. I'm trying so hard!

And for those of you who are in the process of quitting smoking -- you can do it! It hasn't effected my writing at all! So do it if you're still chained to those cigs. You'll be so glad you do. And there's a great community at that can be a huge support to you in your battle to beat the nicodemon. I'm on day 270 free of cigarettes, and I'm psyched! I really can do this, and you can too!

Take care, all. Love and Hugs!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Okay, now I'm having anxiety about starting to work on that second book in the series -- you know, give it one last go through before publication. I just can't make myself do it. Too many decisions to make. Too much pressure! Almost wrote LOL after that last sentence. I know I'm doing it to myself.

Deep breaths. Diet Coke. <headache> Ugh, I can't do it! I'm trying - see, I'm trying though!

My editing friend only found a few flaws in the story so I need to fix those. EEK! How will I ever do this?

The house is empty and quiet except for the dogs barking at passers-by now and then. I've got ice to chew on. Okay, I'm either going to go open up that file, or I'm going to the chat rooms for quit smokers...guess which one is going to happen first! Heavy sigh.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I get it all second hand

How do I write about my family and not hurt them as I do it? I'm in Older Sister Hell and things aren't looking very bright. Alcoholism is an issue. Sleeping hours is an issue (i.e., stay up until dawn and then sleep all day). But I can't talk about it because it's a family thing, and we don't even talk to each other about things. My partner just got home from work and had a somewhat lengthy talk with my younger sister, and all I'd gotten out of her all day long was an occasional "okay." But who the hell knows if my family reads my blog. Probably not.

Aaaaaaanyway, I'm thinking about NANOWRIMO since it's creeping up on us fast, and wondering if I should try my hand at erotica. Lesbian erotica. I think I could handle the erotica part, it is the short story part that I'm not sure about. Can I make up some junk story to wrap around the luscious bits? I don't know.

I do know that my second book has been edited and I just need to get together with the editor to talk things through and then do more rewrites. And more rewrites. And more rewrites. I can't wait.

Okay, so now I have an author page on Amazon:
That's nice. Clean and simple and easy to remember. As long as you can spell my last name.

For those following me, I've pretty much lost all wishes to have a cigarette (finally!) and seem to be doing well as a non-smoker. Go me!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Really! Quit this time.

So I'm on day 266 of my quit. No more smoking for me-- yes!!  I got up this morning with every intention of working out but ended up getting Hardee's cinnamon biscuits. Oh well. Maybe later. 

P!NK of the day;  I still feel the same way I did when I was 17. I still look over my shoulder waiting for the world to change. But these are the good old days!...I look back and see all those times I was lonely. Waiting for someday to hurry up and come and save me. ...

Hope I got all that right. And now, back to the first step in writing my next novel--the dreaded outline. 

Love you all!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

True Love - P!NK

P!NK is fabulous, let me begin with her. WOW. She's amazing and a new mother at the same time. I don't think her tour is coming any closer than 400 miles from here so I doubt once again that I'll get to see her live, damn.

I should be writing my first draft for my next novel, but instead I'm blogging because I think that all of P!NK's lyrics should be published for the world to see (not just her fans). Heavy sigh. I'm playing her music in our office, which is right next to the room my younger sister has made her bedroom. She moved in because she left her husband. Things have been rough, and now I'm feeling guilty for playing music in my own house. Except that it is almost 2 in the afternoon. It isn't sleeping time, it's awake time, at least for most adults who don't work the night shift. (She's not found a job yet but lots of leads, so wish her luck!) So I'm not going to feel guilty.

Okay, today's lyrics:  Well, damn, they're in the CD case but they're so tiny I can't read them - need reading glasses, I hate to admit it, but I'm getting to "that age."

I'll post the lyrics on Twitter instead anyway. Then I'll get to writing that new novel.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm Back!!

It's been a long time, my friends! I've been fighting the blues for months and may finally be on my way back!

So what's been up? I've got an editor working on EYES THAT BIND right now -- the second book in my series Eyes of The Witch. If you're reading this post, you've probably read In Your Eyes, but if not:  Sorry for the long link but life's just like that, isn't it? Anyway, YES, I have been writing and have two more stories on the way. Another book in the series, and another book to start a new series, but taking place in the same realm that Cass and Renna live in.

Other than that, my partner is tearing up our hallway (literally, with a jackhammer) to improve our home. I can't wait until all is finished and the dust settles so I can stop breathing it and start mopping it up.

Sadly, it has been a rather mild summer with lots of rain, so the pool has gone unused most of the time. Well, we do have kids that come over to swim but remember, when you were a kid, you'd tell your mom that your lips weren't blue because the water was too cold. The water is just fine. Jump on in!

Back to the grind. I promise to write more frequently and get that next book published in paperback and electronically as soon as I can.  Hopefully sometime in October 2013, so that I'll be ready to focus on NANOWRIMO once again. Really, I can't wait to start writing with thousands of other writers all aiming for the same thing - a book they are happy with.

See you soon!

OH! And I quit smoking! Going on 9 months! Woot Woot!!