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Sunday, August 25, 2013

True Love - P!NK

P!NK is fabulous, let me begin with her. WOW. She's amazing and a new mother at the same time. I don't think her tour is coming any closer than 400 miles from here so I doubt once again that I'll get to see her live, damn.

I should be writing my first draft for my next novel, but instead I'm blogging because I think that all of P!NK's lyrics should be published for the world to see (not just her fans). Heavy sigh. I'm playing her music in our office, which is right next to the room my younger sister has made her bedroom. She moved in because she left her husband. Things have been rough, and now I'm feeling guilty for playing music in my own house. Except that it is almost 2 in the afternoon. It isn't sleeping time, it's awake time, at least for most adults who don't work the night shift. (She's not found a job yet but lots of leads, so wish her luck!) So I'm not going to feel guilty.

Okay, today's lyrics:  Well, damn, they're in the CD case but they're so tiny I can't read them - need reading glasses, I hate to admit it, but I'm getting to "that age."

I'll post the lyrics on Twitter instead anyway. Then I'll get to writing that new novel.

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