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Sunday, December 4, 2011

© In Your Eyes: Excerpt 2

I kept standing in front of my bunk, waiting for her to say something to me. “Amiru,” she said in her commander’s voice. “Come with me, please.”
I turned to make sure my space was in order, then pulled on my coat, flipped up the hood, and followed her out into the rain.
We sloshed through the wet grass and muddy trails for some time before she spoke again. “Renna, I heard that you spent last evening with Lieutenant Fargo,” she said at last, her words surprising me.
“We played cards,” I responded. “Since I couldn’t go to the fire.”
Her hood moved in a nod. “I just want to make sure that you’re keeping things, uh, well, we want you to remain on the level of friends is all,” she said over her shoulder.
There weren’t many other folks out at this time, so she spoke openly.
I was a little confused, so I stayed quiet.
“Do you understand?” she stopped and turned to face me. Her black eyes were swirling in the shadow of the hood.
“Not completely,” I admitted. “We are just friends. I don’t know what else you could mean.”
She turned and started walking again. “Innocent girl,” she said as she flipped up the door to her tent and held it open for me to enter.
“Renna’s an innocent girl?” Emma was making her bed when we came into the room.
“She is,” she answered as we took off our coats. I made a face that I wasn’t aware of that made Jean laugh. “Don’t worry, Renna. Things will work out all right, I think.”
“I’m just confused. What’s wrong with me being friends with Cass? I mean, Lieutenant Fargo?”
“Nothing at all,” Emma said and put on her coat. “I’m going to exercise some regulars. Enjoy your day today.”

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