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Friday, October 4, 2013


Hey folks. I've been reading "Hooked," a book about writing the beginning of your book. It's really good but makes me feel totally wrong. There are all these guidelines and I don't follow them, I just write. Is that so wrong? LOL. I've stopped reading it because if I continue there's a good chance I'll talk myself into no longer writing, and that would suck.

So I've got social phobia/anxiety. I just worked that out with my therapist - my problem is more that just depression. Actually I was using depression as a blanket word to cover all my symptoms, when a lot of them are really anxiety-driven. Knowing this, and being new to the idea, I let my partner talk me into joining this women's chorus so that I'd make some friends and get out of the house a bit. It was a mistake. I could hardly sing, I kept getting choked up like I was about to cry. It was really weird. Finally after about an hour I snuck out. It was just too many voices and too intimate a crowd. I don't know how I'm going to beat this, but there's gotta be a way. Just the chorus at this point is not the answer.

My partner is reading my two upcoming books and she started reading the one that I'm not ready to release yet. She's supposed to be doing last-minute editing on my next Eyes of the Witch book, but she started another book that comes later in the series. I sure hope she gets them done soon because I really want to get Eyes That Bind out by the end of October as I've been promising!

Another day, another idea.
Take care all!


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