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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dreaming is Free

Took a nap after I got up this morning, so I had another cigarette (yes, I'm smoking again, but just for a few days-then I'll quit for real, lol). Nice long rain in the night and into the a.m. Now I need to write but I need some inspiration.

Woke up singing Blondie's "Dreamin." Which beats the songs I've been waking up to lately. Does everyone wake up with a song looping around in their mind? I always seem to have a song in my head, forcing me to sing along even if I don't want to. Blondie was my first favorite band when I was in the fourth grade, which tells you something about my age and about my state of mind, even as a young kid. I used to lie to the other kids and tell them that I knew the band Blondie and would tell them stories about their visits. I was messed up. I lived in my dreams. Then I had the realization that I could be writing down my day dreams instead of just lying in my bed making them up, and that's how I started writing. I wrote all kinds of romances on a huge heavy loud IBM typewriter, all about being the perfect young woman and having everyone being in love with me. One I remember was about John McEnroe. I'd read his biography and knew a lot about him, so I wrote about us as a couple. Him with his pancakes and Log Cabin syrup, and we'd go snowmobiling on his parents property in the winter. John McEnroe was one of my first crushes. But my first crush was Kristy McNichol. She was awesome, wasn't she? I wonder if she's ever come out as a lesbian. I had a "driver's license" that I'd made for riding my bicycle and put her picture in the corner instead of mine. A nice neighbor told me that I looked just like her and that he'd thought the picture was of me. Oh, he was a nice guy! Indulging me like that. I didn't write any romances about girls together because I had no idea at that point in my life that that was an option. But my life has changed in so many ways, as ours all have, since those young bike-riding days. We used to ride down alleys and look for rhubarb that we could steal out of people's gardens. It was one of my favorite treats - I loved sour stuff.

Anyway, I should get on with my writing. Just thought that I'd do a little reminiscing this morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Happy reading -- and dreaming!!

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