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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing, writing!

Well! Had to get up early (and hungry) and go get some labs done. Finally, all finished with the doctor stuff. Going to be looking for a new shrink because mine is going into research for a while. Dammit! Anyway, things are looking good as my partner is on vacation all this week and Monday, too. Yea!

I'm writing away on BOOK 3 of my Eyes of the Witch series. I hope everyone has enjoyed (or will enjoy) the first book, In Your Eyes. The second book will be out within the month of Sept I'm hoping. Editing is a bitch! But it'll get done, and then there will be a whole new novel out there for you to read about Cass and Renna. They're having adventures and trials like never before, and it's great.

Third book is a bit more of a challenge. Coming up with new adventures that don't just sound like the same old stuff. But it'll be GREAT. I've got some excellent ideas, if I do say so myself, and it's coming along nicely. Still just one chapter down, but with this time off I'll get lots done in the next week.

If you're reading this, please leave me some comments. I'm going to give away a signed copy (or e-copy of you'd prefer) to a random commenter so post your comments now! Book giveaway will happen when I've got at least 10 different folks to choose from, so make your mark and win a free book!

Thanks for reading!!

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