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Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Your Eyes Contest

Funny how my book is selling but I can't seem to give it away! There's still a contest running for a free signed copy of IN YOUR EYES! Just go to Author Interview and leave a comment. Random comment will win the free copy!

The sequel to IN YOUR EYES is on it's way, too! Just in the last bits of editing and I'll get it published! Woohoo!

Speaking of woohoo, did you catch that Duke/UNC game last night? Wow, what an eye-popper! I turned it off because it was too stressful to watch. Didn't want to see Duke lose badly to their rival, but all came out well. Amazing Austin Rivers! Apparently there was bench burning at Duke. I used to work there and used to be part of the "A-Team" which was administrators hanging around the fire making sure everyone stayed safe. Guess they weren't ready for this one!

Anyway, I'm off to do some valentine shopping today for my love of 20 years! We've been through so much together, I need to find something more special to give her -- do you think some new Levi's 501's is too unromantic? LOL. That's what she needs/wants. I got a gorgeous ring for our anniversary so I won't be expecting anything from her, except maybe a little chocolate ;-)

Back to editing. Hope everyone is happy and healthy, and not too bummed out about Duke beating UNC. It was a great game!

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  1. Happy Anniversary and good luck with the editing on the sequel! I've still got the first one in my "to read" list, but hope to get to it soon!