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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IN YOUR EYES description

Renna has been a cast-off all her life because of her forbidden talents as a weather witch. She is found out by a witch who sees her black eyes- the sign that one of the realm is a witch- and is rescued after years of suffering by this passing army. Her life is forever changed. Renna's skills and abilities, instead of being a liability to her family, become an immediate asset to the army. Before she knows it she finds herself with a central role in a major mission conceived by the General - the leader of the Free Counties. To make matters more complicated, Renna is enamored by a Lieutenant who is both beautiful and charming. While studying the ways of magic in the company of new friends and true love, Renna finds that she is much more powerful and worthy than she'd ever thought possible.

Sound like a good story? I got my first review on and it was for 5-stars -- so check it out! You won't regret it. And stay warm - this cold is bitter and it's making me tense. Tense means difficult writing, and I'm working hard to write the sequel to IN YOUR EYES! Please comment and send me your thoughts! Love ya'll!

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