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Thursday, November 8, 2012

NaNoWriMo Week 2, Abscess Day 7

Well, we're into the second week of Nano and it seems to be going well. I'm two days ahead of schedule in the word count department, so I feel pretty good. My story is coming along, thanks to the long sessions of brainstorming I've been doing with Mel, my partner. She's been an incredible help. She reads almost constantly and has lots of ideas for conflicts to keep things spicy. I get on a roll and just write, and it helps me to get input from her to keep me from just writing boring old love stories. ;-)

The bad news is that I've got a tooth abscess that won't heal. I've been on antibiotics for 5 days and the swelling is still so bad that they can't do anything for the tooth. It's quite terrible. I've seen the dentist and will see him again for a check-back today, but I know there will be nothing he can do. Except send me to a specialist, which I CAN'T AFFORD. Ugh. This tooth has been the worst pain of my life and I know it has eaten into my writing time. I'd planned to be really far ahead of schedule by now, but life has interceded.

More later. I've got a dentist appt to keep. Wish me luck!

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